Crazy Son Review

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So, a lot of people compare this game to true bond. Yeah, it is the same idea and that is not a problem but I don’t get the feeling it really works in this game. It is going really fast and meant really. Normally that is fine in most games but maybe why I find it strange in this one is that the Developer decided to go the route that woman is not the caring type. For example and this can be done in other stuff too but when our MC has a hard-on he does not know what to do and looks it up on the net and get caught.

This is fine in my opinion but then the mom reacts shocked and goes away sure but this would be a great setup to have her feel a need to help him or anything just to set stuff up. Then in the last part, the mom is in the shower and masturbating. Our MC sneaks in because horny and sure fine. You sneak around and you nearly get caught you run back to your room but it is locked and you forgot your pants. You try to hide in your mom room and she starts masturbating with a toy so you start jacking off but you get caught.

You think what now and get up and start masturbating in her face she does not like it but you keep going till she looks away and you cum and end of the game for now.

The thing is to me and that is only my taste it would have worked better if she wanted to help out more on the teasing helping out side then what we got.


  • Exceptional charters
  • Just a wonderful game
  • Simple and clear gameplay
  • Luxurious video sequence


  • Ready-made bimbo
  • Too much empty space
  • Fairly generic


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