Kalyskah Action Adventure Role-Playing Game Review

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General Game Review

This game is difficult to rate. It’s clear the developers are putting a ton of work and effort into making a decent product. The graphics are quite beautiful and, despite the reuse of a lot of assets, the atmosphere is really nice. The voice acting is decent and they get kudos for adding it at all. The cut scenes were also a nice touch.

So far the story is pretty good as well, not giving the player everything all at once but telling the story as one proceeds through the game. Sadly, these are the best things going for it right now.¬†Bugs, bugs everywhere! They start with the character customization. I found that any color change, and I mean any, takes away Kalyskah’s red eyes.


What about the visual Options?

Strangely enough, with all the eye color options you can choose through the palettes, there’s none for red. That being the case I didn’t bother changing any colors. Red eyes, pale, black hair… sure, that’s vampirey. Good enough. I gave her some pubes and made her tits bigger and was off to the races. Breast sliders are always fun to play with. She’s a good looking creature even without changing her skin, hair, blush, eye colors.

After starting the game and ooh, there over the pretty graphics, I moved around. The camera controls are… adequate and that’s the best I’ll give them. Targeting and picking things up is OK. As a veteran of Skyrim I’m used to the over-the-shoulder, press E for every interaction bit, so it wasn’t an issue. Having interactive things glow and show the name when you get in range is a good feature. As I said, adequate.


  • The game is totally worth for adult audience
  • This is a gorgeous erotic ARPG with a female Vampire protagonist
  • The promise this game shows is awesome.
  • Game has voicing.Actual real professional voice acting


  • Looks like a feminine version
  • The combat is fun but still a tad janky
  • Look forward to more future content
  • The game doesn't have a lot of quests on the surface yet


Storytelling - 9
Directing - 8.5
Devices Compatibility - 9.9
Design Inspiration - 9
Consistency - 7.5

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