Leap of Love [v0.1.42] [Andrealphus Game] Final

Leap of Love [v0.1.42] [Andrealphus Game] Final

Leap of Love [v0.1.42] [Andrealphus Game] Final

Leap of Love is a fantasy game where you play as Kaheroux a frog turned prince by a shady wizard. The catch of that spell is that he needs to find and marry a princess within a month or go back to being a frog. Luckily for Kaheroux, the local king has three daughters and a lovely wife.

Blanche the eldest is dignified and regal from crown to toe. Charlotte is kind of a tomboy and quite the party animal.
Diane the youngest act pure and innocent but hide her true personality well. As for Alienor, the queen she’s the most unreachable of all four.

Leap of Love

So strap on for 30 days of adventures in our fantasy kingdom, may you find love and marry your chosen princess.​

During the war, sisters Fortuna and Ellie were captured and turned into slaves. While they were being transported, Fortuna creates enough of a diversion for little sister Ellie to escape. Ellie seeks the help of her knight squad, but she must evade her pursuers first, and to do that, she must step foot into a dangerous forest.

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