Heart Problems Adult Visual Novel By [Xenorav] Review

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There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this one. The models are enjoyable to look at and feel unique, except for the older cousin (she feels like I’ve seen her in many other games). I very much appreciate the multiple body types. For those of you who enjoy the voluptuousness of women, you will be pleased. The two standouts are the aunt and the younger cousin.

Speaking of their younger cousin, I liked her development level of her when it comes to loli representation. She’s not too young and not too old. Her personality can be a bit grating but I think that is what the dev was going for. This is a slow-burn story, but you still will get some action. I did find it a little frustrating that the MC was constantly getting blue balled and interrupted every time he got something going. But the story made it bearable.

The animation is hit or miss. Some of it is very very well done, such as the blowjobs. I also liked that when the action got turned up to a higher speed, it felt more real. In most games, they will say something like ‘fuck me harder and faster and the animation picks up just a little. And your thinking, ‘well what are you waiting for. Give it to her.’ This one actually does that. So good job to the dev.

This is one I will definitely be watching.

Hello all, first of all, the game has one of the best and sexiest models I have seen so far and the 3 of them I liked them not only for the models so this is one of the biggest + for me and mainly why I rated 4*, especially the Aunt

What I think this game needs

OFC more content and events

Hints and in-game guides and times of the events and such, as of right now you are going fully blind not knowing where to go or what u will see.

more control for the player regarding choices as of now only questions cant call them choices .. people like to have some sort of control and a feeling of the choices they made actually make a difference and matter.

LESS GRIND so much fewer grinds needed one of the biggest flaws of the game IMHO is being Grindy and repetitive.

Watch Heart Problems Adult Gabe Videos By [Xenorav]. You control Iker, who lives with his uncle and his family (your aunt-in-law and their daughters). His mother left him with them at age 12 with no apparent explanation and since then he has not heard from her.Lastly wanna mention 2 things

Things that happened while I play that might be a bug or something ( keep in mind ofc there is the possibility I missed something since there is no in-game guide or hints ) but I played for a while and tried all I had

The elder cousin when she watches TV on the second floor u can join her and he ( MC ) keeps talking about her issue and all that but time doesn`t pass or she leaves or anything unless I go to bed to pass time ( ofc I raised her hearts ) but my point is it feels like its stuck

Related to one after (1) up there when u try to go to the kitchen ( MC ) say dinner and don`t go inside or anything happens.

Just wanted to mention that

for the developer, thanks for our hard work it’s a wonderful and great start and with some improvements, this game will shine I`m sure of that.

Loved the family and the models and liked the game and I look forward to more of it (y)


  • Well Written Storyline
  • VIP bonus content
  • Access to non-canon & canon scene new photos
  • Game available on release day


  • Fewer animations than expected
  • The storyline could have been extended
  • Too much grinding "Some fap may be great"


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