Eleanor 3: Violet Aster Adult Dating Game Review

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Eleanor will always have a special place in my heart (those are her boobs in my profile pic after all). This was the game that really got me into these 3D animated adult games. It indirectly led me here for the first time when I was looking to be able to download them rather than continue to pay for LOP.

The reality, however, is these games have not really changed much. They have a format that works for them and it’s their business model after all, but I found myself enjoying parts of the game and just kind of going “meh” for the rest of it.

I like the new Drake/Eleanor dynamic where she is no longer beholding to him for her life and I like seeing the return of the Master, but that’s about it. Too many BBC for me, too much of the same kind of interface and too much random guessing to “earn stars”.

Even when you earn the stars you are still limited to choices based on your “personality” criteria that you chose in the beginning of the game. Combine the awkward save process and the grind and it is a recipe for frustration.

I am also not sure what the other stats are for… why does Eleanor have a sex, fitness, or culture score? As far as I could tell, these did not have any impact on the game at all. For the amount of time they claimed they were working on this, it just seems like they mailed it in. There are much better game developers out there with fresh ideas and game play.

I do want to thank the F95 Members who were finally able to bring this game to us. Seriously. I appreciate the hard work.

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