Top notch models and renders

User Rating: 9.5

Top notch models and renders

Overall this is a really solid start to a game. I would say this is a 4.5 but I always round up my scores (and at the time of this review, it’s a 3.5 which I think should be at least a four).

Character renders are gorgeous, each character is unique in their own way. Not much in the “material” department except for the MC ogling the three love interests and one heated scene with them which really only goes to second base (and is really just used as a plot device).

Though, I can see things developing at a decent pace I don’t think it’ll be a slow-burn kind of story but that remains to be seen. The story so far is good, the first chapter is a little different than others in its direction than others which gives it a unique feeling to relatively similar VNs.

Some awkward sentences here and misspellings there (though some might be intentional, I’m not too sure) but it’s comprehensible, no English here. I look forward to the second chapter for sure.

Top notch models and renders. It could use something to help with navigation for example a quest log. Also it may be useful to have some kind of visual cue for the places that are accessible, perhaps highlights around doors or something to this effect. Other than that I think it’s really good.

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