RoadTrip RenP`y Remake [DimS40] Review


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Your enjoyment of this title is going to be entirely dependent on your views of rape content. The character basically goes into a town that has zero attractive women. The men want her to stay so they can rape her, so she’s robbed, and coerced/forced into sex to live. The cops are corrupt, so there’s no help there. The renders of the female protagonist are very pretty, so if you like rape content you’ll enjoy the game. Since there is no real corruption, and the female protagonist is stupid and has no real agency, I was unable to enjoy this.

It all depends on what you like in a game. I prefer games where there is a choice in how you go through the game. Making a choice that could lead to blackmail or corruption, is a choice. Having to choose between who blackmails and violates you because the story railroads you into that situation is no choice at all.

So, not really any choices in the game, except bad choices. The MC is incredibly stupid, frustratingly stupid. Those two things alone just kill the fun for me.

I enjoyed the idea of the story, and the CGs were well done. Good work was put into making this game, just not MY kind of work.

So, if you like games where the MC gets turned into a raging whore, against her will(because she is so fucking dumb), pretty quickly, this is the game for you.

If you like intelligent MCs and actual choices, this game is NOT for you.

Jennifer is a beautiful girl who has had her money and passport stolen while she is at an out-of-the-way resort in Mexico. She has a committed relationship with her boyfriend, (who is not with her) and wouldn’t dream of cheating on him. Obviously, she has to find a way of getting the money and her passport back somehow. This leaves her vulnerable to exploitation by others. The artwork is very good, and this game is worth downloading if only for that.


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